Holistic Dentists Say “Nay” to Fluoride

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Fluoride is a compound that is comprised of fluorine and some other element, typically sodium or metal. Fluoride can occur naturally in water, sometimes at high levels. Since 1945, fluoride has also been added to U.S. water sources, based on the contention that it helps prevent tooth decay.

The element, fluorine, is a yellow gas that is extremely toxic. It is the main component in fluoride and is used in a number of applications. Are you sitting down? Here are some of those applications: rocket fuel, glass etching solutions, refrigeration solutions, purifying uranium and toothpaste.

San Diego dentist, Paige Woods, argues that not only is there no solid scientific evidence that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay; there is some information that actually proves it to be downright harmful.

The pineal gland is located in the brain. It produces melatonin, which in turn promotes healthy sleep. The pineal gland can absorb incredible amounts of fluoride. The problem with this is that the fluoride can cause the gland to calcify and harden, and the gland is unable to effectively produce melatonin. When sleep patterns are disrupted, a number of issues can follow, including unstable hormone levels and problems with physical stamina. Mental alertness is negatively affected as well. Calcified pineal glands are also thought to accelerate puberty, especially in females. One study noted a large number of children who experience early onset puberty have been found to have calcified pineal glands.

There are additional studies from Harvard Research and the U.S. National Toxicology Program that show there may be higher instances of osteosarcoma (a type of cancer) that can be attributed to fluoride use. The osteosarcoma was typically found to originate in the growth plate bones of joints, which is where fluoride tends to be absorbed in higher concentrations.

This is why practitioners of holistic dentistry recommend not using fluoridated products such as toothpaste and oral rinses. Fluoridated water consumption is also discouraged. Patients are encouraged to use oral hygiene products that are fluoride-free and consume only distilled or bottled water. There are filters that are available to purify tap water and it is recommended that you confirm your water filter is capable of removing fluoride. There are three types of water filters that can remove it and they are as follows, deionizers, activated alumina and reverse osmosis filters.  Also, remember that fluoride can occur naturally in water, and sometimes at high levels, so even though you may have well water, you still may be getting large amounts of fluoride from it. So it is safest to use one of the approved fluoride removing filters.

Holistic dentists contend that there are safer and more effective methods to prevent tooth decay that do not cause negative effects on the body. Luckily, in today’s health conscious society, it is easy to find non-fluoridated products to incorporate into your family’s oral hygiene routines. That, and the proliferation of water filters on the market, make eliminating excessive fluoride consumption relatively easy.

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